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Making a list

Posted in Uncategorized by Administrator on the June 29th, 2007

I’ve finally started a list of my short stories and where I’ve submitted them. It was sheer inertia that kept me from doing it before this — I’ve had a similar list for my poetry for quite a while now.

I discovered while making the list that I had at least one story (so far) that I’d petty much forgotten about. And I only wrote it a couple of months ago …

Hmm, maybe I should go look through my files and make sure I haven’t forgotten any others…

At the Dentist

Posted in Uncategorized by Administrator on the June 29th, 2007

I’ve noticed lately  that I now need a fair amount of “routine maintenance” to stay healthy. Yesterday morning, for example, I had a cleaning appointment with my dentist.

For some reason, my dentist, who is excellent, can’t seem to keep dental assistants. The come and they go and they come and they go and … Anyway, the new DT gouged, er, cleaned, my teeth.

I go every four months. My now-previous dental insurance only paid for visits every six months — as far as I’ve been able to gather, the present one doesn’t pay for routine visits at all.

This is short-sighted. “An ounce of prevention …” and all that. In particular, everyone else in my immediate family of origin has had to have gum work. I, thankfully, haven’t.

My dental plan would unhesitatingly pay for the gum work but it won’t pay for the extra cleanings that are keeping me from needing them.

Now,  I ask you, would *anyone* get their teeth cleaned *more often* than they needed to? Come on …

More coffee, and sleep

Posted in Uncategorized by Administrator on the June 19th, 2007

So last night I did actually turn out the light at a decent hour but unfortunately I woke up after an hour or two and was then awake for a while. Boo, hiss.

Maybe part of the problem is the amount of coffee I’m drinking in the late afternoon. I should resolve to not drink any after 2PM, but it’s gonna be hard.

Evening Coffee

Posted in Uncategorized by Administrator on the June 18th, 2007

I drove back from the Cape last night after dinner. I was pretty tired, so I had a cup of real coffee first.

I was then awake. In fact, I was wide awake until at least 2 AM.

At least I made productive use of my time. After I finished my food shopping (at around 10 PM) I decided since I was clearly not going to sleep, I might as well do my cooking.

Thus, tonight, I get to go home, eat the meal I made last night, and crash. Hopefully.

Kitchen, and Taxes

Posted in Uncategorized by Administrator on the June 15th, 2007

Have I mentioned that we now have a refrigerator in our newly remodelled kitchen? We’re so thrilled! And it’s a really nice one, a model with the freezer on the bottom, whiich means that we don’t have to stoop to see what’s on the shelves. We don’t use our freezer nearly as much, so this works well.

Which reminds me of my sister’s comment about *her* freezer — lots of thing go in, but the only things that come out are hot dogs!

Today is tax estimate day and I have my estimates and checks all ready to drop into the mailbox. Hot diggety!

Taking out the trash

Posted in Uncategorized by Administrator on the June 14th, 2007

So if you clean up and you throw it out, it has to go somewhere. For us, it went into the trash. Lots of trash. So much that we had to call for an extra trash pick up.

All of our trash barrels were full and then some. That was Tuesday. Today I put out three trash barrels (out of six or so),   and we still have lots of attic to clean.

Maybe I should buy another trash barrel…

Spring cleaning

Posted in Uncategorized by Administrator on the June 10th, 2007

Our kitchen remodel is almost done and to celebrate we’ve been cleaning out our attic. We’ve tossed out or given away a lot of stuff that was just up there gathering dust and brought down a couple of things (two humidifiers, for example) that we actually needed.

We spent all Saturday (which was rainy) and part of today cleaning and we’ve now accumulated so much trash that we’re going to have to call for a special trash pick up — we’ve used up all of our trash barrels.

Our attic is going to be gorgeous. Just like our kitchen.

Eye Infection

Posted in Uncategorized by Administrator on the June 4th, 2007

I’ve been wearing contact lenses for many (!!!) years without any serious problem. However, my luck may have run out. I’ve developped a bad eye infection that I think is related to my contact lenses.  Ugh! I’m off contact lenses for at least a week.

And the worst of it is that I can’t see the computer screen properly wearing my glasses.