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Words matter 2011 challenge -day 2

Posted in blog, language by Administrator on the March 8th, 2011

Words can change history. What speech or document do you believe to be most important. Why?

Note: I speak only for myself, as an American. No judgement implied on important speeches and documents of other cultures. But while I can’t say for sure that any particular speech or document had the most/greatest/whatever impact on the world, I can and do (see below) pick my own “greatest”:

My favorite document: The Bible, King James Version.
I can’t read the original, and yes, I realize that this is an interpretation as much as a translation, but I grew up with this version, and I’m moved by the poetry of the language. It’s beautiful.

Personal favorite speech:
Martin Luther King’s “I had a dream” speech, not only for the sentiment expressed, but for the power of the words themselves. Interestingly, some of my favorite parts of the speech were improvised.

Check out the Wikipedia article for more information about the speech.
I had a dream

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