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Character Revolt

Tweet This month’s blog round robin is about character revolt: did you ever have a secondary character threaten to take over a novel? Boy, did I ever. And what’s more, he succeeded. It went like this: After I wrote Relocated … Continue reading

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Interview with Mary Jensen, author of Chiaroscuro

Tweet You are the author of a new book of poetry, Chiaroscuro. Can you tell us a little about the book? Chiaroscuro is a poetry book about the contrast and balance between light and dark. Poems range from internal conflict … Continue reading

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Brad falls in love:

Tweet The French have an expression for this – le coup de foudre. And that’s pretty much what happened to Brad, the main character from my novel Broken Bonds: Brad sighed and rose. He’d completed what he’d said he’d come … Continue reading

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What do I write?

Tweet I’ve been tagged by Joan Curtis a fellow MuseItUp author to participate in a blog hop, What three things do you write about/don’t write about. 1. Poetry. I started out writing poetry. I’ve been writing silly verses for holidays and … Continue reading

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Emotionally Charged

Tweet Warning: spoiler. This is a key scene from Broken Bonds, the one in which Brad, who has never even kissed a woman, realizes he’s fallen for Nidrani, who will make up the fourth in the soon-to-be rolor bond between … Continue reading

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Meet Heather Greenis, author of the Natasha Saga

Tweet Thanks so much for hosting me.   Margaret blog  The fourth book in the Natasha Saga has just come out. Can you tell us a little about this saga? The saga begins with a young woman from upper class. … Continue reading

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Setting: Inspiring, romantic, dangerous

Tweet This month’s topic is what is the most inspiring, romantic, or dangerous setting you have ever read or written? Let’s start with read. The one that most captured my imagination is James M. Barrie’s Wonderland. As a kid, I … Continue reading

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Not With a Whimper – an interview with Pam Kelt

Tweet   Your dad’s book, Not With a Whimper, is newly released on Amazon. Tell us a bit about your dad. My father was born in Dumfries and went to study geography and anthropology at Edinburgh. Like young men in … Continue reading

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What Makes You Stop Reading a Book

Tweet You loved the blurb. First page sounded interesting. You bought the book. What makes you throw the book you’re reading againstthe wall, stomp on it and go find another? What makes me stop reading? Grammatical errors.  Telling, not showing.  … Continue reading

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Meet Christopher Mannino

Tweet I read you teach theater arts. How did you get involved in this? I have been involved with theatre since I was 10.  I have been an actor, designer, director, playwright, and now teacher.  I initially went into theatre … Continue reading

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