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TRAVYON 17: A creative Science Fiction Response

A Black Teen, Alan, and a White Bigot, Arthur, arrived at the Pearly Gates. “Why are you here?” the Gattekeeper asked Alan. “I was guilty of wearing a hoody.” “What’s a hoody?” asked the Gatekeeper. “Man, where are you from?” … Continue reading

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Interview with Balogun Ojetade

Oyabode Abeegunde You write steampunk. For readers unfamiliar with the genre, can you tell us a little about it? Steampunk is a literary genre – a marriage of science fiction and fantasy that features the technological and social aspects of … Continue reading

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Poetic forms: Sestina

I’m blogging today on the Poetic Muselings blog about Sestinas. Check it out.

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Guest post: Bridget Sandorford: Life of a Food Writer

Life as a Food Writer Perhaps you are an aspiring food writer who imagines that tasting exotic foods sounds like an amazing career. Maybe you envy the food critics you see getting free food and special treatment at upscale restaurants. … Continue reading

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