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Poetry Asides Poetry Challenge

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So there it is — even if I am rather late in putting it up on this website.

Write on

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I’m still writing and revising lots of poetry but what I’m not doing is lots of submissions. I can always tell myself that summer is almost here and lots of venues don’t read in the summer, but, still, I’m falling behind.

It’s just there’s so much I want to do — and not enough time. And face it, writing and revising is *lots* more fun than submitting.

Organizing the poetry

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So I actually did do some more organizing of my google documents folder. I now have a general Poetry folder, a New Poetry folder, a Poem a Day poetry folder for the poems from National Poetry Month, and a Kids Poetry folder. It addition, I put all of the articles in the Articles folder and put the fiction in a fiction folder.

{ phew }

Poetic License

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I was driving to work while listening to the radio a couple of days ago, a cloudy, gloomy kind of day, when two robins flew in front of my car. I ended up combining this incident with the firstt ime I saw a moose and writinga poem about it.

My honda became a chevy. The music morphed from a symphony tto a mozart string quartet. The trees became birch trees instead of oaks and maples. And so on.

Remember all those times when you were a kid and your folks got on your case for “embroidering” a story? Well, when we write poetry, we get to embroider, skit, cut and paste to our heart’s content.

Keeping on writing

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National Poetry Month is over, but I continue to write poetry at a far higher rate than in the months preceding it. Writing a poem a day really made me aware of how lazy I’d become about writing poetry and how often a little prodding will result in a poem.

It really doesn’t take that much time, especially since a lot of my “first drafts” are partially composed in my head.

It is, however, time to get back in the swing of submitting, which I’ve really neglected in the last few weeks.

Start of May and End of National Poetry Month

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Today, May 1, it was about 32 when I got up. Brrr.  Fortunately, it’s sunny out and it’s warmed up nicely. Still, our poor tulips looked pretty unhappy this morning.

National Poetry month is over and so is Robert Brewer’s challenge to write a poem a day. I now have 30 new poems in a special folder (so I’ll know those were the ones I posted on Robert’s blog).

Speaking of special folders, I’m going to have to put some thought into organizing my google documents, which is where I keep the “master copies” of my poems. And also the list of poems , which is where I keep track of submissions. I had been using it to keep track of written but unsubmitted poems, but now I have ‘way too many new poems to do this. Besides the thirty I posted there are some more that I wrote and didn’t post…

Oy! Suggestions welcome.