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psscvrI regularly search for blog posts, articles, and the like containing my name. Usually I limit my search to the previous week, but today, intent on updating my author listing in Poets and Writers, I searched on articles posted over the past year.

Every once in a while, I turn up a gem, and this was one of those times: a review of Possibilities, an anthology to which I contributed a poem.

Not only did the author love the book, but his favorite piece was my poem:

“I think, however, my favourite piece was the single poem in the anthology, Margaret  Fieland’s ‘Neck Less’. Playing with the concept of ‘bracelet’, Fieland writes a witty piece about that which encircles; incorporating collars as, since she explains in the poem, very little rhymes with ‘bracelet’! Inferences between restraint and control play around each verse, and I think this is why this poem was my favourite…”

Check out the whole review:

You can download the book free from Smashwords:



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