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Why I’m still playing the flute and the piccolo

Tweet I am a pretty good amateur musician. I started out playing the recorder along with everyone else in my elementary school. When I entered fourth grade and changed schools, I took another year of recorder lessons at the Manhattan … Continue reading

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Mont Blanc

Tweet In my novel, Relocated, my main character speaks fluent Aleyni, but discovers there are a some things he didn’t learn, like expletives. Face it, they don’t usually teach you how to swear in French class. Nor do they tell … Continue reading

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More on Gimp: Illustrating a story

Tweet I’m putting together another collection of Aleynobilia, poems, and stories to celebrate signing the contract for Broken Bonds, the next Aleyne novel, an adult science fiction romance. I’m hooked on Gimp, so I tried my hand at illustrations to go … Continue reading

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Review of Possibilities Anthology

Tweet I regularly search for blog posts, articles, and the like containing my name. Usually I limit my search to the previous week, but today, intent on updating my author listing in Poets and Writers, I searched on articles posted … Continue reading

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A Bit About Rebecca

Tweet Meet Rebecca Frech, a fellow traveler on the weight-loss journey: I’m a cradle Catholic who reverted to the faith in 2000. (Thank God!) I’m a wife, mom of 7, homeschooler, and writer. I write at my own blog Shoved … Continue reading

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Meet Author J.Q. Rose

Tweet Hi Readers. Glad you’re here. I appreciate you taking your time to stop in to visit. Please remember to leave a comment to be entered into the random drawing for prizes at the conclusion of the tour on March … Continue reading

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Memories of Paris

Tweet A recent post by Sydney Bristol on Shelley Munro’s blog brought back memories of Paris.   I have visited Paris several times, but this particular trip I was with my then-boyfriend. Before we left, I collected a list of … Continue reading

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More progress ..

Tweet .. I lost 1/4 lb this week in spite of my food being fairly decent (for me). I exercised five days out of seven. I also submitted Geek Games, the second Aleyne novel, and will submit the third one, … Continue reading

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Progress report

Tweet I managed to meet and exceed my walking goal, walking six days out of seven. Nothing prevented me from getting down to the gym at work on Thursday, the day I missed. I simply didn’t get my butt out … Continue reading

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Bad metaphors, cliches, and weight loss

Tweet After Karina Fabian posted the link on Facebook, I read this article on bad metaphors. Thus inspired, I dug out some of my old poems. On bad metaphors — bad  metaphors and cliches have no place in a poem. … Continue reading

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