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I acquire a chapter buddy, and said buddy’s new blog

Posted in authors,blog,writing by Administrator on the March 15th, 2010

I recently was lucky enough to find a chapter buddy, someone with whom I have started exchanging chapters of my new work in progress. I’m now convinced that I will eventually finish this opus — I’m working my way through a revision, and by the end, it should actually be coherent and readable.

Of course, this now has me obsessing over what I’m going to write next. {shakes head}. Some authors are never satisfied.

Now if y’all are writers and would like to get a buddy, check out
group Weekly Chapter Challenge

And do check out my buddy E.J. Wesley’s new blog, The Open Vein

Spam Filters

Posted in admin,blog by Administrator on the November 9th, 2009

I use wordpress for this blog, and they have a pretty good spam filter. Nonetheless, I check the comments marked “spam” to see if any legitimate posts have been flagged, and often they have been.

How do you rate your spam filter? Do you check spam on your blog? On your email? I do for both.

I wish I could trust the software 100% — but I can’t.

How about you?

Getting There

Posted in blog,writing,writing process by Administrator on the July 26th, 2009

I’m getting ready to send out my chapter book, The Angry Little Boy. Well, actually, I’m sitting here writing on my blog instead of going over my manuscript again for typos, grammatical errors, inconsistencies, and the like.

No, really, I’m thinking about it — deep, serious questions like whether to start from the first chapter or the last.

This time probably from the first — I do tend to start from the beginning.

Back when I was renting movies, I had this epiphany when I realized that I hadn’t gotten around to renting the then-new latest Star Trek movie (not this latest one — haven’t seen that one either, though) which was out on video, because it was at the back of the alphabet and I always started looking from the front.

Right then and there I started alternating.

Ah, Procastination, right now your name is Blogging…

Old Blog link

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My now, sadly, unwritable former blog can be accessed through the page “old blog” or the line “old blog” on the blogroll

So here it is, a new blog …

Posted in admin,Poetry by Administrator on the June 1st, 2009

old one seems to be hosed at the moment — major bummer….

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