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Mont Blanc

Tweet In my novel, Relocated, my main character speaks fluent Aleyni, but discovers there are a some things he didn’t learn, like expletives. Face it, they don’t usually teach you how to swear in French class. Nor do they tell … Continue reading

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More on Gimp: Illustrating a story

Tweet I’m putting together another collection of Aleynobilia, poems, and stories to celebrate signing the contract for Broken Bonds, the next Aleyne novel, an adult science fiction romance. I’m hooked on Gimp, so I tried my hand at illustrations to go … Continue reading

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Review of Possibilities Anthology

Tweet I regularly search for blog posts, articles, and the like containing my name. Usually I limit my search to the previous week, but today, intent on updating my author listing in Poets and Writers, I searched on articles posted … Continue reading

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More progress ..

Tweet .. I lost 1/4 lb this week in spite of my food being fairly decent (for me). I exercised five days out of seven. I also submitted Geek Games, the second Aleyne novel, and will submit the third one, … Continue reading

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Bad metaphors, cliches, and weight loss

Tweet After Karina Fabian posted the link on Facebook, I read this article on bad metaphors. Thus inspired, I dug out some of my old poems. On bad metaphors — bad  metaphors and cliches have no place in a poem. … Continue reading

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Site Redesign!

Tweet I’m in  the process of redesigning my website with  real home page and a link to my blog. More work remains to be done, but take a look and let me know what you think.

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Blog tour day 2: Lisa’s world of books

Tweet Blog tour day 2: I’m blogging on Lisa’s World of Books today: Read about inventing words in my alien language and in future English as well, including the complete list of Aleyni-English vocabulary http://www.lisasworldofbooks.net/2012/6844 blog tour day 1: Today … Continue reading

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Check out my books on askdavid.com

Tweet Check out the review of my book,Relocated, on askdavid.com and Check out my book,Sand in the Desert – Poems of Raketh Namar as translated by …, on askDavid.com

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I’ll be touring

Tweet Here are the dates for my upcoming blog tour October 29 Guest blog Books in the Hall http://www.booksinthehall.blogspot.com/ October 30 Guest blog Lisa’s World of Books www.lisasworldofbooks.net Forget About TV, Grab a Book forgetabouttvgrababook.blogspot.com November 6 Interview Michelle @ … Continue reading

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And it’s a poetry book

Tweet “Sand in the Desert,” the collection of poems I wrote to go with “Relocated,” is now available in both print and kindle format. Here’s the link on Amazon. It’s available on Barnes and Noble, too. http://tinyurl.com/SandPoetryPrint http://tinyurl.com/SandPoetry I’ve gotten … Continue reading

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