Press Kit

A Word Is Worth A Thousand Pictures
An Anthology of Poetry
Edited by Domenik Lopane

with two of my poems:

Ocean Motion
Waiting Room

Yuletide Wish, Poems and Stories for the Extended Holiday Season
Nightwolf Publications
Contains my poem Pumpkin Tea


The Leaf Gatherers (River Poets Journal/Lilly Press, 2008)
Contains my poem Eat Me

From Freckles To Wrinkles
(Silver Boomer Books, 2008)
Poems: Ballet Class
Spring Fever
Creamed Spinach

Pocketful of Fun: A Collection of Poems for Children
(Anchor Books, 2006)
Poem: Rhymes

Shattering Silence: Reclaiming the Voice of Social Awareness through Poetry and Art
Poems: Booze

Imprint: Enlightening, thought-provoking and uplifting poetry
Spring Fever

Rhyme and Reason
Insomniac’s Lament

Coffee Break Poetry edited by S. Cuppari
Twilight Home
Dog on Snow
Ballet Class
City Child

Reese Tyler Poetry Award 2007
If You Were Still Alive

Writers Digest Red Heart/Black Heart
Thoughts While Driving (March, 2009)




Eight Boneless Lemons, Oct. 2015

 Illumen Celestial Navigation, Spring, 2013

Small Print Magazine Notes on NaNoWriMo, fall 2013

Guardian Angel Kids
History Class (May, 2012)
Boston LiteraryMagazine
Monday Morning, Spring, 2012
Weather Report, February 24, 2012
Taking a Break, March 3rd, 2012
Rant May 16, 2012
Well, He Said May 22, 2012
Window Dressing May 27, 2012
Silly Season May 31, 2012

Christmas Poetry
What Happens Christmas Night

Old Yellow Notebook
Tatterdemalion, Issue 2, May 201


Turbulence Magazine

A Glass of Wine, August 2010
Snapshot, August 2010


Dark Eye Glances
Winter Night (June, 2010)
At Midnight (June, 2010)

Cyclamens and Swords

The True Nature of Housework (Dec. 2015)
My Chinny Chin Chin (Dec 2015)
On Being Stopped by a Moose Crossing the Road (Summer 2010)
Road Work (Summer, 2010)
Birth of the Twos (winter, 2009)
Selecting Winners in the Essay Contest (winter, 2009)
Non-Commutative (winter, 2009)
For Want of a Horse (winter, 2009)
Division by Zero (winter, 2009)
Swimming Pool (Fall, 2009)

Umbrella Journal
Inventing Zero (Fall, 2009)
The Way it Should Have Been (Fall, 2009)

Very Bad Poetry
Lee Jeans

Pages and Pens
What Happens When it Rains (Fall, 2009)
Winter Night (Winter, 2010)
Long Gone Fred (Winter, 2010)
Throw This(Spring, 2010)
Taste of Spring(Spring, 2010)
October Morning (Fall, 2010)
Whatever the Weather (Fall, 2010)
Night Wind (Holiday, 2010)

Apollo’s Lyre
Metropolitan Opera (August, 2009)
Fear of Heights (August, 2009)
The Last Time I Leaned Out a Window (August, 2009)
How My Computer Behaves (August, 2009)
Parting (August, 2009)
Through The Wall (December, 2010)

Wings (Fall, 2008)

Front Range Review
Ostrich (Spring, 2009)
First Love(Spring, 2009)

Cahoots Magazine
Written in Sand, Written in Stone ( June, 2008)

Main Channel Voices
Truth and Beauty (Fall, 2006)

Twisted Tongue
Christmas Deliver (December 2006)

7 King’s College Circle
Department of English
University of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario MSS 3K1 Canada
Creamed Spinach (Winter, 2007)

Long Story Short
Night Journey (January, 2007)
Haiku (July, 2007)
Drink Me (August, 2007)
What Happens Christmas Night (December, 2007)
Song of the Road (July, 2008)
Stranger at my Door (December, 2008)

Gentle Strength Quarterly
Gentle Strength Quarterly, 16161 Ventura Blvd., #406, Encino CA 91346.
September, 2006:
Chicken Soup
Issue 2

Writing Edge Magazine
Winter (winter 2006)
Cold (winter 2006)
ABCs (winter 2006)

GlassFire Magazine
Cloudy, Chance of Rain (Fall, 2006)

Nighttime (January, 2006)
Bitter (June 2006)
Green on Thursdays (June 2006)
Names Changed to Protect the Innocent ( June 2006)
White Lies (June 2006)

Sage of Consciousness
If You Were Still Alive (Issue 2:2)


On Grocery Shopping (Spring/Summer 2006)

Laughter Loaf
Censored (September, 2006)
What to Do for a Cold (November, 2006)
Farblondget (November, 2006)

Bareback Magazine
Step by Step (July 2006)
Lovers (July 2006)

The Green Muse
Aria (November, 2006)
Dinner (November, 2006)
Lakefront Property for Sale, Cheap (November, 2006)

Farmhouse Magazine
What to Do on Saturday Night (March, 2007 )
I Will Die in Hyannis (Fall, 2008)

The Muse Marquee
Peace on Earth (March, 2007)
Sunset, Evening, into Night (October, 2007)
A Walk in the Woods (October, 2007)
Mouse Breath (October, 2007)

Feathertale Review
Monkey Business
Cocktail party

The Clapboard House
Crack Up(October, 2007)
Spring Day, Subject to a Premature Demise (October, 2007)

The Broken City
The Lake (October, 2007)

Stories for Children

Cabin Fever (May, 2007)
Weeds (June, 2007)

Surreality (Oct, 2007)

Stories for Children Newsletter
In the Beginning: on writing poetry
In the Beginning: on getting organized

Poem: “Green on Thursdays” (September, 2006)
Poem: “Fall” (September, 2006)
Book Review: ” Self Made Man: One Woman’s Journey into Manhood and Back”
by Norah Vincent (September, 2006)
Book Review: “The Traveler” by John TwelveHawks (October, 2006)
Poem: “Get Well Soon” (October, 2006)
Article: Interview with Amy Guth (November, 2006)
Poem: “Thanksgiving” (November, 2006)
Poem: “Home Improvement” (November, 2006)
Poem: Buried Treasure (December, 2006)
Poem: Culture Shock (December, 2006)
Book Review; The Heart of a Cult, by Lena Phoenix (January, 2007)

article: “On Writing Poetry”


Driftwillow Press
Old Tom Troll

Mannequin Envy
Since You Didn’t Ask, Spring, 2008

Stories For Children

Guitar Village, April, 2007
An Unexpected Present, July, 2008

Man Drowns in Bed, March, 2008

Notthamshire Times
Bobby’s Creamed Spinach